If you don't fully recognize this image above, it is likely that reading this page could result in a violation of Rules 1 & 2 of the Internet. I warned you.


You will find Watchan useful whenever you want to observe and archive certain threads on imageboards no matter whether or not they already exist or if you are near your computer.
It periodically scans the first page of the imageboard for certain keywords you specify and then archives matching threads including all images on your hard drive changing the paths inside the HTML file accordingly. These copies stay there of course even if the original thread is deleted.

Perhaps you'd like to have a look at some screenshots.


You can download the latest version of Watchan from the project's download page.
Please see the included README.txt file for further instructions and information.

I'm now also maintaining an SVN repository.


  • 2008-06-02:
    Ver. 0.4 has been released. In case there will be a sub-release after 0.9, I think I'll just count on like 0.10, 0.11, otherwise this dot would be entirely useless...
    Now, about the release: I recommend using the GUI version, as it now has lots of features, seems to run as stable as the command line version and feels more apt, at least for me. For more information see the changelog and the readme file.
    Have fun!
  • 2008-05-24:
    Released Watchan Ver. 0.3 - Added a (still slightly restricted) GUI version, which has an issue with segmentation faults. But thanks to a workaround it run stably in my tests. More information in the release.
  • 2008-05-21:
    Released Watchan Ver. 0.2 - Now I could even imagine someone else than me using the program.


Watchan is written in Python using the Python bindings for the GTK+ toolkit. So you need:

I'm running Watchan on a Ubuntu Linux 8.04 machine.


You can use the forum and the bug system on the Watchan project page whenever you have comments, suggestions, problems with bugs or almost anything else.


As I'm publishing the program without any licence, public domain, there is not much to say.
Do no bad stuff with it, there is no shame in being a moralfag, and if you sell it and make a great fortune with it I'll see that I get this donation system on sourceforge running.
Moreover I'm not taking any responsibility for anything anyone does with this program. And encrypt your hard drive.

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